Blog EPA Rule Creates Multi Billion Market For This Tech

December 1, 2015

By James Burgess,

The U.S. government’s recent mercury pollution regulations have created a new multi-billion-dollar energy industry for next-generation, low-cost mercury emissions control tech, with the first beneficiary of this largesse recently closing $2 million in additional financing and consolidating its unique position in this rapidly expanding market.

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC) is riding high on its status as a key provider to the $200 billion+ coal-fired power industry, if not one of its primary saviors in the aftermath of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mercury pollution regulations that took effect on 16 April.

When the EPA announced its new regulations, opening the floodgates for savvy new mercury remediation technology companies to save the coal industry, they essentially mandated the creation of a $2 billion business annually, and MEEC has been swift off the starting blocks.

With the knowledge that by mid-2016, the bulk of the remainder of America’s coal-fired plants will also come under strict regulations, MEEC has already secured $110 million in long-term contract revenues with major U.S. power producers.

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