Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. SEA(TM) Technology Featured in Energy-Tech Magazine

WORTHINGTON, OH -- (Marketwired) -- 10/14/13 -- Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (OTCQB: MEEC), announced today that the Company's best-in-class SEA™ technology was featured in the October edition of Energy Tech Magazine (midwestemissions.com/library-2/). The Author -- John Pavlish -- is the lead architect of the development of the SEA™ technology, as Senior Research Director at the Energy & Environmental Research Center, where the Midwest Energy Emissions technology was invented and patented.

Midwest Energy CEO Alan Kelley commented, "This article in Energy-Tech Magazine fully articulates the basic functionality of the ME2C technology, and how it was developed to focus on all elements at work at a power plant when working to capture Mercury. This technology was developed over 20 years, carefully studying and manipulating all available tools, solely to find the most efficient, cost-effective manner to capture Mercury. In the world-class labs at the EERC, many approaches to capturing mercury were tested until our SEA™ technology proved to be best in class, and best in the world.

Kelley concluded, "With 31 highly successful demonstrations of our technology completed on large, operating power plants -- where our technology has always achieved all of the testing goals -- time and again we have bested the competition in head-to-head studies. Our company is now taking these demonstrations to meaningful, long-term contracts with our clients."

"We are set to deliver to the coal-fired power industry a patented solution that is best in class, and will seamlessly enable clients to attain compliance with MATS, the regulation that mandates utilities capture nearly 90% of their Mercury emissions. We offer the industry a proven approach that greatly reduces balance of plant effects, dramatically lowering the cost of Mercury capture, and preserving the ability to market their fly-ash for beneficial use, which is estimated at a $450mm annual industry that needs a low-carbon approach such as ours. This complete Mercury Capture Program has been proven across all coal types and, and a broad array of system designs in the market today. "

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) rule requires that all coal and oil-fired power plants in the U.S., larger than 25 mega-watts, must remove roughly 90% of mercury from their emissions by April 16, 2015. The EPA has estimated the coal-power market to comprise some 1100 units, and estimates the cost of such emissions compliance to run $9.6b annually. ME2C employs patented technology that has been shown to achieve mercury removal levels compliant with MATS at a significantly lower cost and with less operational impact than currently used methods.

About Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC)
Midwest Energy Emissions Corporation delivers cost effective mercury capture technologies to power plants and other large industrial coal-burning units in the United States and Canada. The Company's proprietary technology allows customers to meet the new, highly restrictive standards the U.S. EPA has set for mercury emissions, in an effective and economical manner with the least disruption to their current equipment and on-going operations. For more information, please refer to the Company's website at www.midwestemissions.com

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