Eco-Friendly Sorbents

ME2C® Sorbents

Environmentally friendly mercury control sorbents

Our environmentally friendly sorbents are designed to meet or exceed the mercury mitigaion requirements of our clients while providing the best possible operating economics. Our sorbent line offers superior performance and the lowest possible feed rates when compared to other solutions on the market.

ME2C has developed its products with a focus on chemisorption, which takes into full account the myriad of competing gases within a power plant that often can interfere with mercury capture, or worse, proper scrubber function. We have developed products to minimize material use and overall cost by focusing on the customer needs holistically.

ME2C's environmentally friendly sorbents offer a breakthrough in successful mercury emission compliance. Combined with our SEA® Based Solutions, we can offer utilities selling their fly ash a no-risk alternative to traditional, more carbon-intensive approaches, gaining 100% satisfaction in their compliance while continuing with ongoing operational planning, including the recycling of fly ash for beneficial use.

To find out how our technology can be fully customized for your needs, visit our Emissions Services page.