Advanced Mercury Control Technology Commissioning and Demonstration

February 4, 2016

Dr. Nick LentzPowder River Basin (PRB) Coals account for almost 50% of the coal used for power generation in the United States. Midwest Energy Emissions Corp (ME2C) has recently completed several full-scale commissioning and demonstration tests of advanced mercury control technologies at several utilities firing PRB and PRB coal blends with excellent results.

As Dr. Nicholas Lentz, Field Technical Manager, explained during his presentation at the 2016 Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference (EUEC) in San Diego, California, recent test results have shown Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) compliance with injection rates below 1.0 lb/Macf. The ME2C technology is designed to capture the majority of the  mercury upstream of the scrubber, which significantly decreases the probability of reemission, especially in plants with cyclic load due to the current generation environment and load dispatching.

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